Family Law Overview

Although each family’s story is different, our lawyers’ extensive legal experience will help you. Whether it’s divorce, child custody, estate planning, parenting disputes, property settlements, financial agreements, family dispute resolution, financial dispute resolution or some other aspect of family law or dispute resolution, Streeterlaw’s team of lawyers will have already helped someone like you through it.

Family law can be confusing and complicated. Our job as lawyers is to help you know your legal rights, understand your options, and not be overwhelmed by the Family Court process.

Please explore the menu of information above. Read some real stories of legal cases on the family law blogsite.

Four reasons why you would call Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers

  1. Extensive experience in complicated family law matters involving parenting matters such as custody and access, child support, contravention hearings as well as trusts, corporate structures, superannuation and taxation issues. Our legal and business experience all helps you achieve what you want
  2. We know what we are doing. If your financial affairs are complex, there are allegations of Fraud, or Contempt of Court, many other lawyers or legal firms are quickly out of their depth
  3. Client focused and good listeners. This means open communication between you and your lawyer so you will know what’s going on throughout your case
  4. Results. The family law system can be frustrating. The goal for you is a speedy and efficient resolution

Streeterlaw Lawyers’ Commitment to You

Lawyers are often busy in settlement meetings, mediations or in court representing clients. That’s why Streeterlaw have trained Client Service Specialists to help you. These highly skilled, experienced legal executives will walk you through the legal process. They can answer most of your questions and ensure you always have someone you can talk with in the office. They report directly to an Associate or Director. Their role is extremely important and they are the first point of contact for you and any opposing parties—whether by email or telephone.