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Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers is a Sydney Law Firm located in the CBD four minutes walk from Town Hall Station. More about Streeterlaw…

Streeterlaw Team

Comprehensive Legal Support for Sydney

Streeterlaw's team of lawyers and solicitors can advise you on all legal matters. As an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation Law, Principal Sydney lawyer Mark Streeter's experience and training can make the difference you need. Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers' unique combination of commercial knowledge with fraud and insolvencies means they can handle complex family law cases involving businesses, property and complex Trust structures. More about Streeterlaw…


Explore the site and the International and Australian legal case studies in the strata disputes. Bringing a breadth and depth of knowledge to every case, we work tirelessly to deliver optimal outcomes for every client, providing end-to-end support for your case.

Supporting you in more ways

Our firm has a broad area of practice, providing support for cases across commercial, debt and family law, as well as all areas relating to wills and guardianship including powers of attorney, estate and succession planning and guardianship representation. We understand the complexity of the issues at hand pride ourselves on our depth of understanding of all relevant state and Commonwealth legislation, ensuring that you’re always provided with the most comprehensive and insightful advice for your unique circumstances.

Need advice? We can help you

Whether you’re considering divorce or have concerns relating to corporate or personal bankruptcy, Streeterlaw is ready to assist.

Contact us today on 02 8197 0105 or send us your enquiry via email at and one of our staff will be in touch as soon as possible.

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